Other Information allowed on Food Labels

What is a food label?

Food labels are not just about the text, they include everything on the label, the text, pictures, graphics, logos, pictograms, and implications. Where a product is displayed on a shelf in store may influence customers. Food labels carry information about the food. Labelling regulations set down in law what should be shown on food labels.

The label has great influence on consumers, it may attract them to your product and inform them about it. There are many signs, symbols and other marks which are permitted on food labels. Many have specific demands which must be met before the symbol or sign can be used. Our Food Labelling Guidance shows many of these and details the requirements, or indicates how to find out what the requirements are for using them on labels.

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Food Solutions Guidance on Food Labelling gives you the tools to find out; search for the term you want to use and you can see what requirements there are or how to apply for a new claim if you need to.

Permitted Claims and Voluntary Information

A number of claims have been approved by EFSA subject to specific definitions. Other claims would need to be verified and there is a procedure for submitting claims for approval outlined in our labelling guidance.

Voluntary information on food labels can be for marketing purposes, animal welfare, vegetarian, assurance schemes, logos, brand names and a wealth of other sign and symbols. Many have little or no significance in law. However, the overriding requirement of the law is that the label on the food does not mislead the consumer.

We won't design your labels for you, but we will enable you to avoid the pitfalls of misleading consumers with your labels.

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