Mandatory Label Information

Certain information must be shown on a food label, in a particular format or size, in some cases. This is the mandatory information. It is required by law and cannot be omitted. Under the Food Information to Consumers Regulation (FIC), there are 12 requirements which must be on a food label, but also certain processes or foods have regulations specific to them. If you produce these products or use these processes, you are also required to show this information on your food labels. Sign up to access our labelling guidance now.

Allergen Information - a food safety issue

A product containing or contaminated with an allergen could be unsafe to someone suffering from an allergy to that substance. If labelling were incorrect, the consequences could be serious. Make sure your products are labelled correctly - it could save someone's life and your business from prosecution.

Caterers, restaurants, pubs, burger bars, market stalls, etc

Catering meals and foods sold loose (non-pre-packed) must have allergen information about them available to consumers under the Food Information to Consumers Regulation (FIC) despite being sold without labels. Find out your responsibilities - what does it mean for you? subscribe for 2 weeks access

nutrition labelling

What information must be on a food label?

There are twelve items of information required on a food label.

  • Do you know what they are?
  • Does your label have all the required information?
  • Is the information in the correct format and size?
  • Are you exempt from any of the requirements?
  • Does your food contain allergens?
  • What are allergens?
  • What date should be on my labels?

Find out quickly and easily what information should be on your label. Links are provided to labelling regulations and official guidance. Sign up

Saving Money

Our labelling guidance gives you fast access to the requirements of the labelling regulations, including the FIC. You can check what specific requirements are associated with particular terms and decide whether your product meets them. If you discover a problem with your label, you can consult an expert to help solve it before you print new labels. Find out more..

Save time and money and avoid costly labelling mistakes

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Bulletin on changes to labelling as a result of the Food Information to Consumers Regulation FIC

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