How much do you know about Food Labelling?

The penalties of getting food labels wrong are expensive. Products could be withdrawn or recalled. It may be possible to re-label depending on the product, but you may have to destroy a batch of food if it has a short shelf-life. If allergen labelling is wrong and a consumer suffers an allergic reaction the consequences could be fatal. Your reputation and your business are at stake.

Just for fun, we have set a few questions to test your knowledge of food labelling! The questions take into account the new rules brought in by the Food Information to Consumers Regulation (FIC) of 13th December 2011.

  1. What sorts of labels are considered acceptable?
  2. Does all the information have to go on every individual pack in a multipack?
  3. Can we use the old symbols for things like the heading for cooking instructions?
  4. What words have to be used for allergens?
allergens deliberately included must be declared
  1. When do we have to say "contains allergen x" as a separate statement?
  2. How should allergens be emphasised in the ingredients list?
  3. How do restaurant customers find out about allergens in a meal?
non-pre-packed foods now require allergen declarations
  1. Who is responsible for the labelling for mail order sales?
  2. Does the use by date have to be on the front?
  3. Is the date of freezing mandatory on frozen vegetables?
  4. Where a pack contains several individual packages of varying weight, does each package have to have its weight on it?
  5. In a nutrition statement the energy value must be given in kilojoules and kilocalories. Which figure must come first?
dates,ingredients lists and nutrition information on pre-packed foods
  1. After the energy statement is there a requirement for the salt, fat, carbohydrate etc contents to be in any special order?
  2. Can the nutrient declaration be per portion?
  3. Do things like the amounts of vitamins, minerals, starch, fibre have to be declared?
  4. Should the nutrient content be declared for a product "as sold" or "as prepared and ready to eat"?
  5. Can the energy value be repeated on the front of a pack?
  6. Could there be a statement about salt content when there is no sodium chloride in the product?
  7. Which three particulars (if present in a product) must appear in the same field of vision on a label?
  8. Which declaration is not mandatory until 2016?

Ok, so how did you do?? There are a few obscure questions there.

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