Food Information to Consumers Regulation affects food producers

Our guidance explains what the Food Information to Consumers Regulation (FIC) or EU 1169/2011 changes entail with links to the new law, current regulations both UK and EU and official guidance. Certain aspects of layout, text sizes and allergen information are changing. Non-pre-packed foods need to have more information about their ingredients available to consumers. Sign up for two weeks access and get our resumé of what the changes mean to retailers, caterers and producers.

This labelling regulation took more than 5 years development and consultation before it was finally adopted in 2011. As it extends certain requirements and affects most food/drink producers, retailers, caterers etc there were lead times before the various requirements were implemented. It was fully enforced by December 2016.

Food Information Regulations 2014 (England)

As an EU member, food regulations apply to UK as well as all the other member states. Not satisfied with just applying the regulations, UK writes Statutory Instruments (SI's) to specify any UK interpretations, who will enforce the rules and penalties for non-compliance. Often similar SI's are produced for each devolved state, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

EU 1169/2011 became law throughout Europe on 13th December 2011. It is known as the Food Information to Consumers Regulation.

DEFRA consulted on a UK enforcing Statutory Instrument, produced in July 2014 SI 1855 known as Food Information Regulations 2014 (FIR). The FIR details any UK specific interpretations (where permitted), enforcement agents and penalties for non-compliance. It also clarifies which old UK labelling regulations (whole or in part) have been revoked or amended.

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