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Our labelling resource includes links to over 200 documents including regulations and official and industry guidance. Our search has indexed them all.

It is not just a directory, we have covered each requirement in detail, added example labels and a labelling checklist to help you get your product labels right.

We also cover loose foods which from December 2014 have to have appropriate information about allergens available to consumers.

Check it out, a bit of research could save you a lot of money. Getting labelling wrong could result in costly fines or product withdrawals.

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Example label and checklist

Our guidance includes an example label image you can mouse over and click on for more information about each element of the label. If you are not sure where to start with your label, our example label will help you. Our checklist helps you make sure you have not forgotten anything.

all about food labelling

Food Label Requirements

Instant access to the labelling requirements in one place and links to the regulations

  • Includes information that can help you market your product to maximise your profits.
  • Sets out clearly and in plain English what you have to do to get your label right.
  • Regularly updated with changes to labelling regulations to ensure accuracy. The changes that came into force in December 2011 are fully explained.
  • Enables you to find information within a few clicks (saving you time and money).

List of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Example labels - reminds you of label requirements
  3. Labelling Checklist - helps you check you haven't forgotten anything
  4. Mandatory requirements - there are 12 that may be necessary depending on what your product is
  5. Vertical Regulations and Official Guidance Notes - apply to specific foods/products including:
    1. Allergens - pre-packed and in loose foods
    2. Animal Products
    3. Basmati rice
    4. Clear food labels
    5. Cocoa and chocolate
    6. Fat spreads
    7. Feed labelling
    8. Fish labelling
    9. Food assurance schemes
    10. Food colours
    11. Food labelling guidance 1996
    12. Food for particular use PARNUTS
    13. Food supplements
    14. Fresh, pure, natural etc terms
    15. Fruit juices
    16. Genetically modified
    17. Gluten intolerance
    18. Honey regulations
    19. Infant formulae
    20. Jam regulations
    21. Lot marking
    22. Meat products
    23. Milk definitions
    24. Molluscs
    25. Nutrition labelling
    26. Olive Oil
    27. Organic
    28. QUID
    29. Sugar products
    30. Sweeteners
    31. Use by guidance
    32. Vegetarian/vegan
  6. Allergens
  7. Claims
  8. Dates on labels
  9. Country of Origin
  10. Summary
  11. Label to sell
  12. More information - including:
    1. The text of the Food Information to Consumers Regulation
    2. The role of DEFRA
    3. Principles of food law
    4. The 1996 EC Labelling Directive that said what had to go on a label
    5. The UK Food Labelling Regulations
    6. Guidance on the UK rules
    7. Extra things that must be declared on food labels
    8. COOL - Code of practice for pigmeat
    9. Full text of the Claims regulation
    10. Recommended daily allowances
    11. Guidance on nutrition labels
    12. Front of pack nutrition signposting systems
    13. Bar code advice sheet
    14. Food Solutions Labelling Fact Sheets
    15. Protected names
    16. Symbols used on labels
    17. Other Signs on labels
    18. Lion quality eggs
    19. Voluntary declarations

Annex A - Definitions

Annex B - Allergens

Annex C - Additional Particulars

Annex D - Exemptions from list of ingredients

Annex E - Exemptions from nutrition declarations

Annex F - Designation terms for certain functional ingredients

Annex G - Designation of ingredients

Are changes to your labels required?

Changing labels is expensive, but if you do not have the right information displayed correctly, you may be committing an offence.

Unfortunately labelling is not covered by just one regulation

Save time and money and avoid costly labelling mistakes

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