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  1. You can quickly find information on a particular term
  2. Example label and checklist help you get the right information on your label
  3. Find out what the law/guidance says about something you want to use on your label
  4. Fast search finds answers quickly

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Who is this Labelling Guidance aimed at?

Consultants - frustrated by having to slog through regulations? Save time, use our search to find information within the regulations quickly and easily.

Local Authority Officials - easy to find up to date information helps you do your job.

Food manufacturers, food business operators - Costly withdrawals and recalls can often be avoided by making sure your food labels are right. Our guidance allows you to check your labels against what the regulations say is required.

Caterers, restaurants, pubs etc serving food and drink to consumers - you may not have labels, but you are required to give certain information to consumers in a specific way.

Use your label to best effect for marketing - our guidance has lots of information about what you can and cannot put on your label.

Trainers - would you be interested in running a course based round this site? Contact john@food-solutions.org to discuss.

Caterers are not exempt!

Just because you are a caterer or restaurateur, do not think you are exempt from food labelling! The new Food Information Regulation (FIR) extends certain requirements to those serving meals to the consumer direct. Find out what information you must supply to consumers - don't risk getting it wrong.

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