Food Allergen Labelling

Allergen Information - a food safety issue

Caterers, restaurants, pubs, hotels, B&B's, guesthouses and others selling direct to the consumer may think they have no label requirements for their food. Since December 2011 when the Food Information to Consumers Regulation (FIC) came into being, this is not the case. From December 13th 2014, FBO's are required to provide certain information to the consumer for food sold loose, ie. not pre-packed. So caterers, need to know their ingredients and allergens that are included in meals no matter how many recipe changes are made.

The regulation gives some flexibility in the method of provision of information and UK authorities have now produced some guidance. (National Authorities can specify whether a method is permissable in their country).

How do I tell consumers about allergens in my food?

nutrition labelling

We have cut to the chase and tracked down all the latest guidance on allergens and we have clarified with the authorities acceptable methods of giving allergen information to your customers.

Access allergen information quickly

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