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About Food Solutions

Food Solutions Publishing Limited is a not-for-profit limited company set up in 2005 by four small business people.

The four directors, Bob Salmon, John Golton-Davis, Jane Davies and Ian Moore have all run their own business and have an insight on how small businesses work.

Food Solutions began with the aim of helping small food and drinks businesses keep up to date with Food Regulations and comply with them easily and cost effectively.

What we do

Our aim is to help small food businesses comply with food regulations easily.


A bi-monthly magazine was produced, backed up with a website for subscribers. Other publications were produced. Firstly the Understanding Food Safety and Hygiene Regulations Handbook. This included Food Solutions HACCP Food Safety Checklist developed with the UK authorities. This was well received and extended to an online version.

Following this we published our:

Visit the Food Solutions website for more information on our HACCP Food Hygiene and Safety resources.

Co-Director Bob Salmon is well known both in London and Brussels where he represents the views of small food businesses to the law makers.

The Food Labelling Guidance is the culmination of many hours of work finding links to documents and bringing together all the legislation that applies to food labelling. We do not attempt to interpret the law, we merely state what the regulations and directives say. The Food Information to Consumers Regulation (FIC) which became law in December 2011 both extends and in some ways, simplifies Food Labelling regulation.

The FIC requirements will gradually be enforced over the next 2 years, so businesses are well advised to familiarise themselves with it and start the process of ensuring their food labels comply.

Our Directors

Bob Salmon

Bob Salmon

Bob ran his own food business and is passionate about ensuring small food businesses are not disadvantaged when legislation is updated.

He edits or co-edits the enewsletters and handbooks/ehandbooks produced by Food Solutions.

Bob spent some years retained by the European Commission to represent the views of small food businesses throughout Europe on standards of Food Processing Equipment. Bob's practical interventions often ensured smaller businesses were not unfairly impacted by the standards.

Bob reads for RNIB on a voluntary basis once a week and lives in Rutland.

John Golton-Davis

John Golton-Davis

John is our business development manager.

Having run his own food business in the past, he understands the needs of small business and the problems they face.

John co-edits the newsletters and handbooks Food Solutions produces.

John lives in France, where he runs a successful garden maintenance business .

Jane Davies

Jane is our Administration Manager

She has wide experience of administration in the small business sector which helps her in this role.

Jane lives in Cheshire.

Ian Moore

Ian handles advertising and other commercial matters. He also coordinates research and feedback for Food Solutions.

Ian lives in Cheshire.

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