Do I need to change my labels to comply with the new labelling rules?

Label changes are expensive, but wrongly labelled food could be fatal to certain consumers, or trigger a withdrawal or recall of the entire batch. Our resource has links to the current and new labelling legislation together with official guidance. The new Food Information to Consumers Regulation (FIC) makes changes to the existing labelling laws. Once the rules are enforced, if your labels do not comply, you will be committing an offence. Find out more...

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Are you declaring allergen information correctly?

Since December 2014 all foods whether sold pre-packed or loose require information about allergens . More about allergens...

I don't sell pre-packed food, why do I need labelling?

The new rules mean non-prepacked foods require some information to be available to consumers even though they are sold without labels. More...

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Labelling Quiz

Just for fun, try our labelling quiz to test your knowledge - how much do you know about the Food Information to Consumers Labelling Regulation?

Label Checklist and Label Examples

Our label checklist helps you make sure you don't omit required information. The example labels demonstrate what may be on a label and link to further information on each statement.

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Bulletin on changes to labelling as a result of the FIC

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